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Handmade whiskey and bourbon bottle stopper with redwood burl and stainless steel

Whiskey and Bourbon Stopper Small | Redwood Burl | Stainless Steel

SKU: BS0019

Handcrafted bourbon and whiskey bottle stopper features a stabilized redwood burl top, wire burned accent, and Made in the USA FDA 304 Grade 18/8 stainless steel. "Squishy" nitrile O-rings effectively seal small bourbon and whiskey bottles (see sizes in photo and chart below). Too beautiful to be tossed in your utensil drawer, this bottle stopper is designed to stand on your windowsill or counter when not in use. Great gift for whiskey masters and bourbon stewards! Thanks for shopping the best liquor and wine stoppers at Parus Pen!

    • handmade whiskey, bourbon, or rum bottle stopper
    • FDA food compliant stainless steel and nitrile O-rings
    • Made in USA 304 Grade 18-8 stainless steel
    • stabilized redwood burl with wire burned accent ring
    • reinforced with threaded stainless steel insert (see photo)
    • oil/shellac/wax friction finish develops patina with handling
    • nitrile O-rings provide "squishy" seal 
    • fits small liquor bottles (see dimensions in photo) 
    • gift for bourbon stewards and whiskey masters
    • approximately 1.4" maximum diameter; 3" overall length
    • diameter of top nitrile O-ring is approximately 15/16"
    • diameter of bottom nitrile O-ring is approximately 13/16"
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