I retired as a full-time science educator in 2015 but continued right on with part-time behind-the-wheel driver education. I live in Spring Green, WI with my family including two dogs and one cat. Nona is the most recent addition to the family and has really grown into her role as Lunch Supervisor here at Parus Pen. She's a rescue from Texas and the sweetest, most flatulent dog you'll ever meet. Clara is a bossy little chiweenie and also a rescue from Mississippi. Her personality makes her ideal in her role as Security. Finally, there is Mao Mao the cat who is also a rescue. Although she is quite unsure of why Nona had to join the family, her background in stress management made her a perfect fit for the Fitness Director position.

     Read more about Parus Pen in the story done by the newspaper, Isthmus. Thank you for visiting my website! I appreciate the time you've taken to look at my work and your support of a very tiny business in America.

Mao Mao.jpg

Mao Mao

(Fitness Director)

Clara the Chiweenie



Nona the wonder dog


(Lunch Supervisor)

About Parus Pen

     Parus Pen is an artisan shop committed to the craftsmanship of beautiful handmade pens. mostly make pens and have been drawn to quality pens, especially ones with heft, since I was a kid with an impressive collection of Parker® pens and pencils. As a paperboy, I received many pens and pencils as Christmas gifts from my route customers. Parker's world headquarters was in my hometown of Janesville, WI. I also happened to live close to the plant site and enjoyed recovering their dumpster treasure, much to the irritation of the poor man who had to run me off.