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Handmade bottle cap opener of old-growth redwood and stainless steel

Bottle Cap Opener | Old-Growth Redwood | Stainless-Steel

SKU: BCO0007

Handcrafted bottle cap opener features reclaimed old-growth redwood, wire burned accent, and Made in the USA FDA 304 Grade 18/8 stainless steel. A stainless-steel threaded insert reinforces the redwood handle. This bottle opener will stump your friends until you demonstrate its 360° functionality! Too beautiful to be tossed in your utensil drawer, this stainless-steel bottle opener is designed to stand on your windowsill or counter when not in use. Thanks for shopping the best bottle cap openers at Parus Pen!

    • handmade bottle cap opener
    • Made in USA FDA 304 Food Grade 18/8 stainless steel
    • stabilized (resin impregnated) old-growth redwood handle
    • wood top reinforced with threaded stainless steel insert
    • wire burned accent ring
    • oil/shellac/wax friction finish lets wood feel like wood
    • gift for beer and soda lovers
    • approx. 1.25" maximum diameter; 5.9" overall length
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