Thank you for visiting Parus Pen! In stark contrast to mass produced items, my

handmade ballpoint pens, rollerball pens, mechanical pencils, and wine bottle stoppers

are functional works of art. Whether you're searching for a unique pen as a desk accessory or gift pen, your Parus Pen will be one of a kind.                                                                              

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Handmade rollerball pen by Parus Pen
Handmade ballpoint twist pen by Parus Pen
Handmade ballpoint click pen by Parus Pen
Handmade mechanical pencil by Parus Pen
Handmade wood pen by Parus Pen
Handmade antler pen by Parus Pen
Handmade clear acrylic pen by Parus Pen
Handmade color acrylic pen by Parus Pen

Writing Instrument Variety

    Please browse my in-stock selection of unique handmade pens including ballpoint twist pens, ballpoint click pens, rollerball pens, and mechanical pencils. The pens you see in the photographs are the pens you will receive. The styles of handmade writing pens are available as wood pens, antler pens, color acrylic pens, and clear acrylic pens. The clear acrylic pens encapsulate thin material like real circuit boards, feathers, and memorabilia like vintage postage stamps.

Quality Handmade Pens

     The process of making a quality handcrafted pen begins with selecting quality materials for the pen body and component parts. After preparing a block of wood, antler, or acrylic for turning, I use a lathe and traditional woodworking tools and techniques to craft my hand turned pens one at a time. I then sand, finish, and polish each pen body through as many as 16 steps with a goal to have no tool or sanding marks visible even under hand lens magnification. Finally, I assemble, photograph, and website list each pen to become distinctive pens for gifts or functional art for your desk.  


     Thank you for visiting!                                                             Daniel Ouimet 

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