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Welcome to Parus Pen, a premier maker of fine writing pens and functional, decorative stainless steel wine bottle stoppers and bottle openers. Hand turned pens crafted of signature materials include retractable ballpoint pens, twist ballpoint pens, rollerball pens, fountain pens, and mechanical pencils. In stark contrast to mass produced items, you'll find handmade wooden pens, resin pens, and antler pens are the best pens to match your unique personality or that of your writing pen gift recipient.     


Whether it's a cool pen as a desk accessory for yourself, a writing pen gift for others, or a bottle stopper for the wine lover, your Parus Pen creation will be one of a kind. If you're having trouble deciding on a gift for someone special, you can never go wrong with a gift card! Thank you for considering my work!                    
                             Daniel Ouimet

Parus Pen handmade rollerball pen with rhodium plating and amber resin
Just received the pen today, marvelous, beautiful pen. I own many, many pens, Mont Blancs especially; your pen has a wonderful weight to it; lovely in the hand. Writes well. The cap cedes into base which makes using the pen a pleasure. You should be very proud of your artistry. I’ll be back for another pen very soon."
—Robert K., New York, NY

Ballpoint Pens

Ballpoint pens are available as ballpoint click pens (also called retractable pens) or ballpoint twist pens. Ballpoint click pens have one lathe turned barrel and one-handed simplicity. Elegant ballpoint twist pens can have one or two lathe turned barrels. 

Parus Pen handmade ballpoint click pen with wasp nest in resin and chrome/gold hardware
Parus Pen handmade ballpoint pen with purple resin and rhodium hardware

Rollerball Pens

Parus Pen rollerball pen with Makers Mark oak and black titanium hardware
Parus Pen rollerball desk pen with rhodium/gold hardware and mother of pearl resin

Rollerball pens offer the smooth writing experience of a finely tuned fountain pen but with the convenience of standard cartridge refills.  

Rollerball pens are capped pens and available as postable rollerball pens (cap can attach to end of pen while writing) or classic traditional desk pens with a non-postable rollerball pen design.

Fountain Pens

Fountain pens provide a pleasing and often nostalgic aesthetic. Although fountain pens require some care not required of other pen types, they reward their owner with a wonderful writing experience. 

Fountain pens are capped pens and available as postable fountain pens (cap can attach to end of pen while writing) or classic traditional desk pens with a non-postable fountain pen design.

Parus Pen handmade fountain pen with yellow resin and rhodium hardware
Parus Pen handmade fountain pen with green resin and rhodium/gold hardware
Parus Pen handmade mechanical pencil with color pencils in resin and chrome hardware
Parus Pen handmade mechanical pencil with pebble resin and chrome hardware

Mechanical Pencils

Mechanical pencils advance convenient, refillable graphite with a click mechanism cap hiding a built-in eraser. The artist sketch pencils replace erasers with built-in sharpeners under their caps and accept 5.6 mm graphite.  

Singular Gifts

Looking for something different? How about a bottle stopper for the wine and spirits enthusiast? Popping open a cold one? Why not reach for a bottle cap opener with 360° functionality? All are crafted with stainless steel and feature tops of hand turned wood or resin — some feature carefully incised insets like coins or stone. How can the outdoorsman "have everything" until you gift them a handmade deer antler whistle?

Parus Pen handmade antler whistle with leather lanyard
Parus Pen handmade wine bottle stopper with stainless steel and pine cone in orange resin
Parus Pen handmade bottle cap opener with old growth redwood and stainless steel
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