Handmade wine bottle stopper with stainless steel and redwood burl wood

Wine Bottle Stopper | Redwood Burl | Stainless Steel

SKU: BS0001

Handcrafted wine bottle stopper features a stabilized redwood burl top and a kitchen grade stainless steel stopper.

  • Maker's Details

    • handmade wine bottle stopper by artisan owner
    • USA FDA approved kitchen grade 304 18-8 stainless steel
    • stabilized redwood burl wood (resin impregnated)
    • wax friction finish develops patina with handling 
    • nitrile o-rings provide "squishy" seal in majority of bottles
    • approximately 1.25" maximum diameter and 3" overall length
  • To Learn More

         Burl wood is difficult to turn because of its convoluted grain and tendency to fracture. Burl wood for small turnings like wine bottle stoppers generally survives the process better if first stabilized. During stabilization, resin is drawn into the wood structure while under vacuum. The resin is cured with heat and imparts strength and density to the wood. 

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