Handmade wine bottle stopper stainless steel elk antler side view

Wine Bottle Stopper | Elk Antler | Stainless Steel

SKU: BS0015

Handcrafted wine bottle stopper features an elk antler top, stabilized turquoise stone insert, and stainless steel dropper.

    • handmade wine bottle stopper by artisan owner
    • stainless steel dropper with flexible silicone ring
    • elk antler from collected shed
    • stabilized turquoise stone insert
    • wax friction finish develops patina with handling 
    • approximately 1.5" maximum diameter and 4.75" overall length
  •      I turned the top of this wine bottle stopper from elk antler I personally collected as a shed in Wyoming. Antler turns like a very hard wood. Once I turned the top to shape, I cut a precise recess to accept the stabilized turquoise stone insert. 

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