Handmade wine bottle stopper with spruce cones and acrylic bottom

Wine Bottle Stopper | Spruce Cones | Stainless Steel

Handcrafted wine bottle stopper features white spruce cones encapsulated in acrylic resin and a kitchen grade stainless steel stopper.

    • handmade wine bottle stopper by artisan owner
    • USA FDA kitchen grade 304 18-8 stainless steel
    • white spruce cones in acrylic resin
    • nitrile o-rings create "squishy" seal in majority of bottles
    • approximately 1.25" maximum diameter and 3" overall length
  •      I made the blank for this wine bottle stopper by placing white spruce cones in a mold with liquid acrylic resin. The mold with the resin and cones was then placed in a specialized chamber under high pressure. This step assures a bubble free casting. After the resin cured into a solid, I turned the block of acrylic on my lathe and finished with sanding and polishing.

         Please note any white "dots" that may be visible in the casting are where the scales of the cones meet the surface of the casting and not defects. Vertical white lines are not scratches only reflections.