Handmade rollerball pen | chrome | white-tailed deer antler | Parus Pen

Rollerball Pen | White-tailed Deer Antler | Chrome

SKU: RB0015

Handmade rollerball pen by the artisan owner features white-tailed deer antler and bright chrome finish.

  • Maker's Details

    • white-tailed deer antler
    • copper powder fills natural voids in antler
    • chrome plated visible metal components
    • black Schmidt ceramic rollerball refill
    • cap is postable while writing
    • includes presentation box
    • approximately 5.1" long and .6" diameter
  • To Learn More

         The antler for this pen was collected as a shed from a white-tailed deer. I personally collected the antler in Wisconsin guaranteeing no animal was harmed. When I turn antler, I often encounter natural voids within the areas of coarser bone. I've filled these voids with copper powder.