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    Rollerball Pen | Box Elder Burl Wood | Black Titanium

    SKU: RB0021

    Handmade rollerball pen by the artisan owner features blue dyed and natural box elder burl wood and black titanium finish.

    • Maker's Details

      • blue dyed and natural box elder burl wood
      • burl wood is resin impregnated (stabilized) for stability
      • black titanium plated visible metal components
      • black Schmidt rollerball refill
      • cap is postable while writing
      • includes presentation box 
      • approximately 5.2" long and .6" diameter
    • To Learn More

           Burl wood is difficult to turn because of its convoluted grain and tendency to fracture. Burl wood for small turnings like pens generally survives the process better if first stabilized. During stabilization, resin is drawn into the wood structure while under vacuum. The resin is cured with heat and imparts strength and density to the wood. Dye can also be introduced during stabilization.

           I've separated the layers of blue dyed box elder burl and natural box elder burl with thin segments of wood veneer.

           Box elder is native to North America.