Handmade rollerball pen with Ngultrum currency and chrome finish

Rollerball Pen | Kingdom of Bhutan Dragons | Chrome

SKU: RB0027

Handcrafted rollerball pen features clear acrylic resin encapsulating the dragons of a 1 Ngultrum new series bank note from the Kingdom of Bhutan and bright chrome finish.

    • handmade rollerball pen by artisan owner
    • bright chrome plated components
    • superior Schmidt rollerball refill
    • 1 Ngultrum bank note in clear acrylic resin
    • acrylic resin barrels lathe turned with traditional tools
    • 16 steps of sanding/polishing for a flawless finish
    • non-postable smooth end cap for traditional look 
    • pen presentation box included 
    • approximately 5.2" long and .6" diameter
    • approximately 47.9 g (1.7 oz)
  •      I made the barrels of this pen by first carefully cutting the 1 Ngultrum bank note into rectangles that will exactly fit the cylindrical brass tubes making up the internal structure of the pen. After affixing the bank notes to the tubes, the tubes with bank notes were then placed in a mold with clear acrylic resin and cast in a specialized chamber under high pressure. This step assures a bubble-free casting. After the resin cured, I turned the blanks on my lathe and finished with sanding and polishing.

         The Ngultrum is the local and officially accepted currency of the Kingdom of Bhutan.