Handmade rollerball pen with black titanium finish and ancient bog oak

Rollerball Pen | Ancient Bog Oak Wood | Black Titanium

SKU: RB0031

Handcrafted rollerball pen features ancient oak salvaged from Eatern European peat bogs, black titanium finish, and certificate of authenticity. 

    • handmade rollerball pen by artisan owner
    • black titanium plated components
    • superior Schmidt rollerball refill
    • authentic ancient bog oak wood
    • oak barrels lathe turned with traditional tools
    • cap is postable (attaches to end) while writing
    • pen presentation box included 
    • approximately 5.2" long and .6" diameter
    • approximately 47.4 g (1.7 oz)
  •      The oak in this pen was salvaged from logs once buried in Eastern European bogs.  It has been radiocarbon dated at 5,600 years old. The black color of the oak is derived from iron in the groundwater reacting with the tannins present in the oak and peat. The black staining is througout the piece of oak. Bog oak is most often excavated in peat bogs of the United Kingdom and Ireland.  However, it can be found anywhere oak is common and environmental conditions are right. 

         I preserved the natural, slightly uneven texture of this wood in a compromise finish. The bog oak wood is a bit friable and difficult to turn. I had to stabilize it but not to the point of losing the character of the wood.

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