Mechanical Pencil | Pink Ivory Wood | Chrome

SKU: MP0008

Handcrafted mechanical pencil features handturned pink ivory wood and satin chrome/bright chrome finish.  

  • Maker's Details

    • crafted by hand using traditional tools and techniques
    • pink ivory wood 
    • satin chrome/bright chrome plated components 
    • oil/shellac/wax friction finish lets wood feel like wood 
    • 0.7 mm graphite and eraser under cap
    • pen presentation box included
    • approximately 5.25" long and .6" diameter
  • To Learn More

         Pink ivory is native to South Africa. According to folklore, the tree is considered sacred to the Zulus to be used only by royalty. Pink ivory like most wood will change color over time especially if exposed to sunlight. I use an oil/shellac/wax friction finish on my wood pens to allow the wood to retain the warmth and feel of wood. 

 2020 Parus Pen        Spring Green, WI