Handmade mechanical pencil with chrome finish and spruce cones in acrylic

Mechanical Pencil | Acrylic Resin "Spruce Cones" | Chrome

SKU: MP0006

Handcrafted mechanical pencil features acrylic resin "Spruce Cones" and satin chrome/bright chrome finish.  

  • Maker's Details

    • handmade mechanical pencil by artisan owner
    • satin chrome/bright chrome plated components
    • 0.7 mm graphite and eraser under cap
    • colorful acrylic resin "Spruce Cones"
    • acrylic resin barrel lathe turned with traditional tools
    • 16 steps of sanding/polishing for flawless finish
    • pen presentation box included
    • approximately 5.25" long and .6" diameter
  • To Learn More

    I made the barrel of this pencil by casting small spruce cones in acrylic resin under 60 pounds of pressure. The spruce cones were stabilized before pressure casting. This means liquid resin was drawn into their structure under vacuum and turned to solid with heat. This helps the cones survive the process of being turned on a lathe.

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