Hybrid Pen Blank | Buckeye Burl and Alumilite | Limited Edition 0003

SKU: PB0003

     Hybrid pen blank features stabilized buckeye burl and dyed Alumilite resin.      

  • Maker's Details

    • handmade pen blank by artisan owner
    • stabilized (resin impregnated) buckeye burl 
    • dyed Alumilite resin
    • cast under 60 pounds of pressure (any natural material may still contain small voids)
    • rough sanded only for photo (finished hybrid blanks are stunning)
    • minimum dimensions .8" x .9" x 5"
  • To Learn More

         To learn more about handcrafting hybrid pen blanks, please see my complete post  Hybrid Pen Blanks? In short, hybrid pen blanks combine stabilized (resin impregnated) natural material like burl wood or pine cones with an acrylic resin. The results are beautiful combinations of natural material and colorful acrylic resins making for stunning pens. 

  • Drilling, Turning, and Finishing Tips

    • Drill carefully knowing your drill bit will encounter different densities inside the blank. Drill bits like to wander a bit.
    • Sharp tools are always a must when turning but especially important when turning any acrylic resin hybrid.
    • Dry sand like you normally would in preparation for a cyanoacrylate (CA) glue or other top coat type finish.
    • One finish choice is to buff with a 3-on lathe buffing system. 
    • Another finish choice for added durability is to apply thin CA in multiple coats and then wet sand as you normally would.
    • Do not wet sand a hybrid pen blank before applying a complete CA finish. The burl wood or other natural material is stabilized but not completely waterproof. 
    • Paint inside the drilled out blank and the pen tubes to prevent the brass tubes from shining through translucent areas of Alumilite. 
    • Any natural material may still have small voids despite pressure casting. These can be filled with CA glue or epoxy.



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