Handmade fountain pen with rhodium/gold and Green Wasabi acrylic cap view

Fountain Pen | Acrylic Resin "Green Wasabi" | Rhodium and Gold

SKU: FP0004

Handmade fountain pen features colorful acrylic resin "Green Wasabi" and rhodium finish with 22k gold/cobalt accents.

    • handmade fountain pen by artisan owner
    • premium rhodium/22k gold/cobalt plated components
    • colorful acrylic resin "Green Wasabi"
    • acrylic resin barrels lathe turned with traditional tools
    • 16 steps of sanding/polishing for a flawless finish
    • Jowo iridium point nib made for Dayacom
    • includes ink cartridge and premium converter pump
    • approximately 5.6", .75" diameter, 70.0 g (2.5 oz)
    • includes presentation box and care instructions
  •      This fountain pen is designed as a classic desk pen. Traditional classic desk pens do not have postable caps. The pen can be used with the installed premium converter pump or included ink cartridge. What are the advantages or disadvantages of a converter pump or cartridge?

         The converter pump allows you to fill your fountain pen from a bottle of fountain pen ink! This process requires some extra care and patience but can't be beat for the satisfying, nostalgic experience. Bottled fountain pen ink over time is the most economical and environmentally friendly way to fill your pen with ink available in many colors. The down side to bottled ink is its inconvenience for travel. Never use bottled ink not labeled for fountain pens!

         Cartridges are "plug and write" which offers great convenience for travel. The down side to cartridges is there are fewer colors available and the quantity of ink in each cartridge is small. They are easy to change but generate more waste and cost more over time. If you decide to use the included cartridge, the converter pump is easily removed.

         Additional ink cartridges and fountain pen ink are readily available. I've included directions to guide you through how to change the converter pump or cartridge as well as how to care for your pen.