2019 Parus Pen

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    Fountain Pen | Acrylic Resin "Green Wasabi" | Rhodium and Gold

    Handmade fountain pen by the artisan owner features colorful acrylic resin "Green Wasabi" and rhodium finish with 22k gold/cobalt accents.

    • Maker's Details

      • colorful acrylic resin "Green Wasabi"
      • sanded and polished in 16 step process
      • rhodium and 22k gold/cobalt plated visible metal components
      • German made nib with iridium point
      • includes ink cartridge and converter pump
      • includes presentation box 
      • approximately 5.5" long and .6" diameter
    • To Learn More

           In the tradition of fine desk pens, this fountain pen is not designed for use with the cap attached to the pen. Just be sure to leave the pen cap in plain sight where others can see what they're missing! The pen can be used with the included ink cartridge or with the installed converter pump. If you decide to use the converter pump, you will need to buy fountain pen ink (only use fountain pen ink). If you decide to use the included cartridge, the converter pump is easily removed. Additional ink cartridges and fountain pen ink are readily available from online sellers like Amazon. I've included directions to guide you through how to change the converter pump or cartridge as well as how to care for your pen.