Handmade miniature birdhouse Nutmeg by Parus Pen front

Birdhouse Ornament | "Nutmeg"


One of a kind birdhouse ornament with a hollow body of American cherry, black walnut band, perch, lower finial, and birch roof with rosewood finial.

  • Maker's Details

    • black walnut, American cherry, rosewood, and birch
    • hollow body reduces weight for use as ornament 
    • oil and wax finish
    • avoid direct sunlight to slow color change of wood
    • approximately 4.75" long and 2" wide 
  • To Learn More

         I make all the parts of this miniature birdhouse on a lathe. The tiny perch and finial are probably the most challenging. The body is hollowed out to reduce weight and make room for tiny inhabitants. A mortise and tenon joint secures the body and roof together.  

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