Handmade ballpoint twist pen with rhodium finish and gold/black pebble acrylic

Ballpoint Twist Pen | Acrylic Resin "Retro Gold" | Rhodium

SKU: BPT0019

Handcrafted ballpoint twist pen features stunning acrylic resin "Retro Gold" and premium rhodium finish — a slim and elegant pen for pocket carry. 

    • handmade by artisan owner
    • premium rhodium plated components
    • superior German/Swiss black refill by Dayacom
    • stunning acrylic resin "Retro Gold"
    • acrylic resin barrels lathe turned with traditional tools
    • 16 steps of sanding/polishing for a flawless finish
    • pen presentation box included
    • operates by twisting at center
    • approximately 5.5" long and .5" diameter
    • Refill is common "Cross style" or C1
    • Some quality refill brands include Cross of course, Jaymo, Monteverde, and Dayacom
    • To change the refill:
    1. expose the knurled end of the refill by carefully pulling the pen apart at the center press fit (this is tight) 
    2. unscrew refill from lower half of pen and replace with new
    3. press fit the two halves of pen back together