Handmade ballpoint click pen with rhodium finish and green/pink acrylic

Ballpoint Click Pen | Acrylic Resin "Tourmaline Chips" | Rhodium

SKU: BPC0062

Handcrafted ballpoint click pen features acrylic resin "Tourmaline Chips" and premium rhodium finish. Ballpoint click pens are handy for doctors, nurses, or anyone on the go. This one has a traditional distinct click mechanism.

    • handmade pen by artisan owner
    • premium rhodium plated components
    • superior Schmidt P900 refill made in Germany
    • colorful acrylic resin "Tourmaline Chips"
    • acrylic resin barrel lathe turned with traditional tools
    • 16 steps of sanding/polishing for a flawless finish
    • traditional distinct click operation
    • pen presentation box included
    • approximately 5.6" long and .6" diameter
    • Refill is very common "Parker style" also known as the G2. This should not be confused with a Pilot G2.
    • Some quality refill brands include Parker of course, Schmidt, Schneider, Pelikan, Visconti, and Monteverde
    • To change the refill:
    1. expose the refill by unscrewing the lower black grip portion of the pen from the acrylic body 
    2. remove the old refill with the spring
    3. place spring on new refill before placing the new refill with spring back into lower grip portion
    4. screw grip portion and acrylic body back together
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